The government of Blade Island has its headquarters in the Town of Harthar. This is because it is connected to every other town on Blade Island.


The King

King Xansar, the twenty-first king of Blade Island, is in charge of making new laws and managing old laws. He is also the head of state and appears at several special events of the year.

Ever since The Coast War, King Xansar has been taking security more seriously. The people still have freedom, but the law enforcement for each town has been strictly united and is being re-trained for the fights that started The Coast War.

The Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch is made up of twenty-eight members, seven for each town on Blade Island. When a criminal is arrested, they are taken to court at the soonest time possible. Each trial includes all seven judges.

There are seven judges so that there is a large enough number for different opinions to be taken, and so that their is never a tie between judging.

Crime and Punishment

There are 4 punishments for the different crimes that can be committed.

1. Death upon conviction
2. Prison Sentence
3. Community Service
4. Fine

There are two kinds of crimes, Crimes Against the Government and Crimes Against the Citizens. Each crime category is divided into three sub-categories, minor, moderate, and major.

Crimes Against the Government

Assassination – Death upon Conviction
Impersonation – Prison Sentence (20 years)(Death upon Conviction if there is major deception involved)
Lying in court – Prison Sentence (immediately after proven, 10 years)
Murder of Judge – Prison Sentence (25 years)
Murder of Law Enforcement – Prison sentence (20 years)


Bribery – Prison sentence (10 years)
Assault on Judge – Prison Sentence (10 years)
Assault on Law Enforcement – Prison Sentence (10 years)


Language Directed at King – Fine (50 gp)
Language Directed at Judge – Fine (35 gp)
Language Directed at Law Enforcement – Fine (25 gp)

Crimes Against the Citizens

Mass Murder – Death upon Conviction
Murder – Prison Sentence (25 years)
Hostage-Taking – Prison Sentence (15 years)


Attempted Murder – Prison Sentence (15 years)
Assault – Prison Sentence (15 years)
Robbery – Prison Sentence (15 years)


Harassment – Fine (40 gp to victim)
Breaking and Entering – Prison Sentence (10 years)
Vandalism – Fine (damage cost plus 30 gp to victim)

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