Port Ralono

The People

The people of Port Ralono do not trust people from off the island, giving frightened looks at them. The innkeepers won’t let off-islanders stay for more than a night, shopkeepers are cautious when selling, and the law enforcement tries to get the off-islanders out as soon as possible.

The Buildings

The buildings in Port Ralono look relatively new and some buildings are being built. Strangely, there are some areas with buildings that are demolished with scorch marks on the ground near them.

There are three inns, each at different prices for their different qualities. The Straggler’s Stay costs 10 gp per night and is of poor quality. The Old Dock Tavern is good quality and good food and drink at 25 gp per night and 5 gp per food/drink. Many people come here for the tavern part of it. The Oceanside Inn is known throughout the island for an amazing ocean view, but for a price. This is not a cheap place at 40 gp per night and 10 gp for food/drink.

The Dock

About a mile from Port Ralono is the Rolano Dock, known to the people of Port Ralono as the “Old Dock”. An old fisherman named Spalk is seemingly constantly fishing here.

The Coast War

Twenty years ago, Foalton and Port Ralono had a large war because of their differences in culture. Matters have been settled, and the towns better get along.

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Port Ralono

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