Town of Spjalls

The People

The people of Spjalls are dedicated to arcane powers. Some are trained as warriors, some choose to be scientists or alchemists, and some use their powers to help others in other towns.


Several of the buildings are libraries, museums, and other collections of the vast amounts of knowledge the people find. In the shops, magic items are sold for about half the price of magic items sold elsewhere due to the availability of magic.

Some buildings that have special significance have magic in itself. There are buildings that float, buildings that are surrounded in colors or fire, and buildings that have magic in them in other ways.


Spjalls is the only town at the north side of Blade Island, and the two paths there are hard to follow because they run over the mountain.

The isolation was also good during The Coast War because the town was hardly affected. Unfortunately, Port Ralono and Foalton hired some sorcerers to fight in the army. Many sorcerers were killed in the arcane explosion that created Nahoto hill, and a monument was built to honor those sorcerers.

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Town of Spjalls

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