Village of Foalton

The People

The people of Foalton have led peaceful lives. The city is based on farming, but also has a major art side thanks to an artist named Ceralo (CHER-alo).

The culture of the people has them welcome travelers, often into their homes. As friendly as the people are, they get suspicious of outsiders, and the law enforcement keeps an eye on them while not killing off the friendliness.

The Buildings

Most of the buildings are homes that are spread across the land. Most homes are along the farmland, some in the forest, and only people of political power live in downtown. Downtown is mostly made up of shops, restaurants, and art museums.

The Forest

The forest is of the utmost importance to the villagers, because there is very little forests on Blade Island. They do everything necessary to protect the trees from pollution (and people who would destroy them).

The Coast War

Twenty years ago, Foalton and Port Ralono had a large war because of their differences in culture. Matters have been settled, and the towns better get along.

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Village of Foalton

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